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Driver's education is a class that prepares a new driver to obtain a learnerís permit or driverís license. In the United States, itís known more commonly as ďDriverís Ed.Ē Driverís education consists of learning traffic laws and code and learning to operate a motor vehicle. There is typically a classroom portion and an actual hands-on driving portion of the class. Sometimes, instructional videos are also shown to students. Driverís education is meant to supplement the driving handbooks and instruction manuals given to students to study in order to obtain a driverís license. During the driving portion of the class, a car is fitted with dual controls on the passenger side may be used. The student drives, and the instructor sits next to them in the passengerís seat. Driverís Ed is usually offered to students age 16 or older. Each state has itsí own laws regarding driverís licenses for teenagers. Some states require successful completion of a driverís ed class for obtaining a driverís permit or license. The very first ďdriving schoolĒ is thought to be the British School of Motoring, which was founded in 1910 in London, England.

More and more driverís education classes are being offered online. Check with your state because itís up to each Department of Motor Vehicles whether or not they will accept such programs. These online driverís ed classes generally allow parents to do the behind the wheel driving instruction.


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